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...err..i swear.. that ain't me!!!...

!!~~life aint easy~~!!
!!~~how cud an angel break my heart~~!!
!!~~my oh my~~!!
!!~~never ever~~!!
!!~~all cried out~~!!
!!~~count me in~~!!
!!~~uh la la la~~!!
!!~~wanna be rich~~!!
!!~~ill say goodbye~~!!
!!~~everything i do~~!!
!!~~baby dont go~~!!
!!~~cruel summer98~~!!
!!~~unbreak my heart~~!!
!!~~emotional girl~~!!
!!~~take my breath away~~!!
!!~~love fool~~!!
!!~~lovin' you~~!!
!!~~love will lead yu back~~!!
!!~~blaze of glory~~!!
!!~~all that i need~~!!
!!~~i dont think i will~~!!
!!~~touch me~~!!
!!~~hold on to your love~~!!
!!~~loves's hold~~!!
!!~~c'est la vie~~!!
!!~~everytime i close my eyes~~!!
!!~~quit playing games with my heart~~!!
!!~itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka-dot bikini~!!
!!~~ooh ahh just a little bit~~!!
!!~~karma chameleon~~!!
!!~~stand by me~~!!
!!~~all i have to give~~!!
!!~~wanna sex yu up~~!!
!!~~night to remember~~!!
!!~~all my life~~!!
!!~~candle in the wind~~!!
!!~~cleopatras theme~~!!
!!~~hard to say im sorry~~!!
!!~~barbie girl~~!!
!!~~too gone too long~~!!
!!~~nothing is for free~~!!
!!~~i believe i can fly~~!!
!!~~he aint worth missing~~!!
!!~~another you~~!!
!!~~got till its gone~~!!
!!~~at the beginning~~!!
!!~~for yu i will~~!!
!!~~from a distance~~!!
!!~~now and forever~~!!
!!~~until i find you again~~!!
!!~~just the way you are~~!!
!!~~dont take the girl~~!!
!!~~tonights the night~~!!
!!~~we didn't start the fire~~!!
!!~~i love you always forever~~!!
!!~~love will never do~~!!
!!~~step by step~~!!
!!~~nothing compares to you~~!!
!!~~ill be your everything~~!!
!!~~when the rain begins to fall~~!!
!!~~we will rock you~~!!
!!~~how do i live~~!!
!!~~secret love~~!!
!!~~the light in your eyes~~!!
!!~~the gambler~~!!
!!~~you light up my life~~!!
!!~~tom's party~~!!
!!~~i want you to want me~~!!
!!~~truly madly deeply~~!!
!!~~dont know much~~!!
!!~~viva forever~~!!
!!~~i wanna love you~~!!
!!~~amish paradise~~!!
!!~~ill be there for you~~!!
!!~~last thing on my mind~~!!
!!~~to become one~~!!
!!~~gotta keep moving~~!!
!!~~any man of mine~~!!
!!~~high enough~~!!
!!~~break my stride~~!!
!!~~it must have been love~~!!
!!~~in anothers eyes~~!!
!!~~all around the world~~!!
!!~~one more try~~!!
!!~~you're in love~~!!
!!~~hold on~~!!
!!~~you're still the one~~!!
!!~~god bless the usa~~!!
!!~~unchained melody~~!!
!!~~release me~~!!
!!~~every heartbeat~~!!
!!~~rush rush~~!!
!!~~do you know~~!!
!!~~i will survive~~!!
!!~~opposites attract~~!!
!!~~we danced anyway~~!!
!!~~wonderful tonight~~!!
!!~~this is how we party~~!!
!!~~the boy is mine~~!!
!!~~hold on and believe~~!!
!!~~when i close my eyes~~!!
!!~~all the man i need~~!!
!!~~all i wanna do is make love to you~~!!
!!~~breaking all the rules~~!!

~ ~ ~ ~


!!~~guest~~!! ~ ~ !!~~view~~!!

!!~~uh oh~~!!


!!~~Yu & Me~~!!

!!~~cuz yu luv me~~!!

!!~~dream on~~!!

~ ~ ~